Quantify and monitor methane emissions in commercial dairy farms.

Start measuring now to set and reach your GHG reduction target by 2030.

Quantik: a science-based solution to measure cow enteric emissions.

  1. Raw milk production contributes to 52%* of carbon emission in the dairy supply chain.
  2. Methane from enteric fermentation is the main source of GHG** in dairy farms.

**Rotz et al. J Cleaner Production, vol 315, 2021, 128153

You can Improve only what you can Measure

Until now the only methods to monitor cow emission were labor intensive and expensive. Appropriate for R&D but not scalable to commercial farms .

Quantik makes the most of routine milk sampling by the use of a new technology allowing to quantify enteric methane in quick and cost-effective way.

Engage with a recognized technology

Quantik technologies can be easily integrated into your existing milk sampling process.

A proven, 10 year-old technology, that measures fatty acids as a proxy for enteric methane emissions.

Scientific Partnership with

The only methane monitoring solution for commercial farms


Determine a baseline

Quantify the cow enteric methane emissions for each of your dairy commercial farms with a simple milk analysis to establish a baseline.


Define a mitigation plan

Benchmarking with similar farms will help you establish the best carbon curbing strategies.
Choose the most efficient cow diet & feed additive actions according to their impact and feasability.


Monitor reductions progress

Observe in time the benefits of your mitigation measures


Report impact

Avail of objective, scientific-based indicators to quantify your GHG reduction in your ESG reporting.

Quantik is part of our Net Zero Dairy Solution









Nitrous oxide



Soil Carbon

Meet your Net Zero Carbon commitments

The relatively short atmospheric lifetime of methane, combined with its strong warming potential, means that actions to avoid methane emissions can provide benefits within a few decades

To put the world on a path consistent with the Paris Agreement 1.5˚C target, the USA have joined the Global Methane Pledge and committed to reducing global methane emissions.

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